The most recognized part of the speakers so far - the blue tweeter and foam (edge diffraction diffuser) makes the monitors look uniquely without any logos.

New York // Ballston Lake

NY (Brooklyn and Ballston Lake) // Greg #jankowicz

Unlike other speaker manufacturers, the decision was made to place the logos on the top side, not to interfere with the unique look and style of the speakers front.

model M graphite // Korea

The first customer from Seoul got curious about my speakers when I was just crawling with promoting, I only had 4 photos and 20 followers on instagram (Dec 2019). Through Instagram he found me on Facebook, read my post #part_1 about the rise of the speakers and wrote to me under one of the photos:

WooJae Kim #21follower_korea bought this set, model M/graphite. In March 2020, the speakers arrived in Seoul, Korea. The second M/white loudspeakers, at the same time, has already landed in New York, USA.
Photo at Piotr Zabrodzki temporary studio of the beginning of 2020. One of my favorite memories and a key period for my brand.
Let's go now to Poland
Polish manufacturers in the field of professional audio are very appreciated in the world. For example:
Looptrotter (Andrzej Starzyk)
Bettermaker (Marek Walaszek)
IGS (Igor Sobczyk)
WesAudio (Radoslaw Wesolowski, Michal Weglicki)
Lipinski (Andrzej Lipinski)
Mytek (Michal Jurewicz)
I mentioned only a handful of companies, but they are known and respected in every corner of the world - Mexico, USA, Germany, Japan, France, Korea, India, Nigeria ... every corner of the planet, there are professional and hobby recording studios everywhere. Not only that, the products of these companies are some of the best in the respective branches of pro audio!

Here is an example of how one of the most famous sound engineers in the world Bob Katz, mastering Guru, winner of 3 Grammy awards, author of a book and a number of valuable publications about mastering, speaks about Polish company, emphasizing this fact: link - group "Mastering Engineers Worldwide".

Even if we go back to the middle of the last century, a good example of outstanding achievements of Polish engineers in the audio field is Stefan Kudelski.

His tape recorders were used on the Moon and at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The Kudelski Group, a company he founded, produced NAGRA tape recorders. At the end of 1950s the "NAGRA III" model became the basic equipment of radio and television reporters. From the very beginning "NAGRA" tape recorders were distinguished by their compact size, incredibly precise workmanship and at the same time recording studio quality sound. At the same time "Nagra III" made the work of filmmakers so easy that in 1965 Stefan Kudelski received an Oscar for outstanding scientific and technical achievements. He was awarded another statuette in this category in 1978, thanks to the "NAGRA 4.2" tape recorder. In total, the Polish constructor won four Oscars.
I'm still a long way from global success, and I don't want to invest in traditional marketing to avoid raising the price of the product. I chose a very unusual and difficult way to advertise. But I have partially succeeded already. My speakers are already in South Korea and the USA (6850 km left and 7736 km right from Warsaw). And the story of the creation of the brand began with a spectacular blind purchase of my speakers by Damian Pietrasik (Quality studio) // #part_1 beginning of linearpro™ history initiated in Q3 2018 and kept secret through 2020.

As of 2021, the M+W set (with LDRRad v3.0) has been recognized by many audio engineers as one of the best audio monitors for the studio.

A direct alternative to such legendary and worldwide respected loudspeakers as the ATC SCM25A/45A SCM50ASL/100ASL, PMC IB1S/2S, Lipinski L-707, Genelec 1037A/B/C 1038A/B/x 1237A/x 8260A, Neumann K+H O410 & KH420, PSI Audio A25-M, Barefoot MicroMain 27/26 ...
The story of meeting such legendary people as Andrzej Starzyk (CEO "Looptrotter") and others will also tell another time ...

Flagship reference M model

Damian Handzlik: The "M" monitors with a cyberAMP v3.1 are great if not the best in their price range and there is no doubt about it.
Jeremiasz Hendzel: Then I tried measuring the setup using my Sonarworks Reference set of mic and software - the results were outrageous. The frequency response was really as flat as it gets, differing from the ideal curve by hardly more than 1dB through the most of the audio range. The model M is a killer monitor which has no real competitors within its price tag.
Przemek Danilowicz: linearpro™ model M is my favorite listening. Totally stellar, in the studio I also tested with brands such as Lipinski, PMC, Tannoy and Genelec at which linearpro™ is my favorite Definitely recommend. If anyone hasn't heard it yet and is seriously interested I invite you to come to my studio for a listening session.
Piotr Zabrodzki: model M v3.0 // definitely one of the best monitors - in a class of its own as legendary Lipinski L-707. And I really like the lack of DSP - a true analog. Call me old fashioned.
Damian Pietrasik: The best speakers I've had to date. There is no doubt about it. Absolutely brilliant, linear speaker system - this is THE BOMB!
Daniel Jankowski: If there is a musical G-spot then™ model M+W definitely know its location. I have had the pleasure of working on the PMC IB1S (similar price shelf) that are in the second director Quality Studio (Warsaw) and model M from #linearpro, it's a razor blade for me in comparison.
Oleksa Sodomora: Catch the opportunity to connect to an amazing story, outstanding speakers and most likely the last ones you will ever need.
Radoslaw Bednarek: Linearaudio M v2.0 surpass Genelec 1037B. Sound quality is a class higher. Clarity, depth, listening precision in every band. Once you try it you'll never forget it.
Envee (Maciej Golinski): Top Notch monitors!
Eric Kulm Jr. // linearpro™
Eric Kulm Jr.: I've never heard anything like this. These speakers changed my concept of making music. Every slightest change in eq is audible, taking the understanding of precision to a completely different level. It's a game changer. Thank you Marian that I was lucky to meet you and these speakers. M+W they will be with me for the rest of my life.

Find more photos M model in the case study // reviews subpage

M/S models design & technologies

The model S (smaller near-field monitors) was finally perfected in 2022. It's based on almost the same components as the M model, but is smaller, allocated more for home sound systems, smaller home recording studios or as secondary speakers for Dolby Atmos 7.1.4, Auro-3D, DTS:X, 5.1/7.1 ...

model S/grey [ RAL-7004 ]
The LDRRad™ (Linear Dual Ring Radiator) tweeter eliminates diffraction ripples (edge diffraction diffuser). The foam/felt around the driver helps smooth out the reflection effect and balances the bandwidth. It's not a horn guide or tube. Similar analog equalizer solutions have been used by Duntech Audio & Dunlavy Audio Labs (John Dunlavy), Lipinski Sound (Andrew Lipinski), Bauta Speakers (Jacek Gawlowski) or audiophile Wilson Audio (David A.Wilson & Sheryl Lee Wilson), Avalon Acoustics (Charles Hansen & Neil Patel) and others. Phase cone ( wave guide for optimized frequency response and dispersion ) and damping chamber on the back side of the diaphragm is custom made (based on Scan-Speak OEM parts).

model S/white
[ RAL-9003 ]

One more ideology that I followed during the design was to make the speakers very small, with high parameters (compact size / high linear SPL power):

① Custom tweeter LDRRad and custom woofer created a relatively small speaker with powerful sound. In addition, taking the active electronics outside and placing them in a separate 1U rack enclosure further reduced the size of the speakers. ② The ability to use a VESA (standard 100x100mm) mount and multiple connections (back or bottom) gives you the flexibility to position the speaker or hang it on the wall or ceiling. Speakers can be placed in any position, upside down or fully flush to the wall. ③ A sealed enclosure offers nicer bass in the first place. But it also means more precision and fast bass response. These days, such designs are used less and less by manufacturers because it is difficult to design and thus not very profitable in terms of revenue. ④ Physical time alignment gives ultra-precise phase alignment between tweeter and woofer. In addition, a special tweeter foam eleminates diffraction ripples. Combined with 100% analog design, it gives a natural reference sound without distortion ⑤ The solid and thick MDF cabinet eliminates „boxy“ sound. In addition, the whole structure is very heavy, which translates into better sound quality due to the elimination of vibrations.

All of the infographics and points above (shown on the model S) also apply to model M. The infographic below is also about the S model. The M model, in a nutshell, has one more woofer - it improves bass sound pressure by 4 times. This fact makes the M model to have much powerfull bass.
linearpro //
The woofers are as approximated as possible to the tweeter (LDRRad with time alignment). This gives a consistent sound emitted almost from a single point.
linearpro //
linearpro //
MDF sealed enclosure (5cm front and 3cm all sides except the front) glued with a special glue that retains flexibility, special extreme enclosure IP64 (norm IEC 60529) painted with special epoxy paints that retain their elesticity under impact. The term "enclosure" refers to the entire final product with drivers, meaning the whole thing with woofers and tweeter meets IP64 standards (the outer shell of the housing itself meets military IP67 standards).

ANY of the kittens were not harmed during the stress tests of the speaker enclosure 😻

 ... read more in PDF (detailed specification):


Speakers can be ordered in any RAL color. f you don't want to decide on your own color, I suggest my carefully selected branded colors: graphite RAL-7024, grey RAL-7004 or white RAL-9003. Extreme IP64 semi-matte paint.
It is impossible to produce only certain colors that not meets the capabilities of the manufacturer of IP64 paint, not possible to produce only a few of the very bright/luminous colors.
S model  // with LDRRad v3.0 (from 2022)

everybody's best friend, regardless of age
linearpro //
linearpro //
linearpro //
put the game sound to the highest level
linearpro //

I will post more photos of S in some time, as pictures are sent in by customers...

Reviews about appearance

„LinearPro™ - Highest Professional Fidelity audio meets minimalist sculptured art. These beautiful monitors promise to be a worthy addition to any mastering engineer's toolbox, with refined styling to match any environment. Whether they be implemented as main (model M) or secondary references (model S), LinearPro will be the centerpiece of your studio's design! Their elegant and unique style is set to make LinearPro monitors an instantly recognizable future classic. I can't wait to add a set to my studio!“
CJ Barnard, CeeJay
(Follower from Pretoria, South Africa)

„They looked quite inconspicuous. The casing - very simple, without any spoilers. An unusual light gray color. The only distinctive elements were the foam around the tweeter and the blue tip of the tweeter. No logo or lettering on the front. Was the ascetic design supposed to give the impression that the whole construction is oriented towards sound? I would not mind.“
Daniel Jankowski  
(User of M+W model. Warsaw, Poland)

„What caught my attention was the front look, it was unique, not like the regular monitors we know of. You'll always want to have that second look if you're seeing it for the first time. I have heard the speakers production in some of the videos you have posted and it sounds amazing!“
Ebenezer Aifuwa
(Follower from Benin, Nigeria)

"I've had a lot of work recently. When I was finally able to go on vacation to Barcelona, first thing I packed were my linearpro speakers! Thanks to the Extreme+ enclosure I was not afraid for their safety. I love my loudspeakers. M+W they will be with me for the rest of my life."
Eric Kulm Jr.    
(Talented, award-winning polish actor. Warsaw)

„I might not be a best person to evaluate the sound, but as a creative director and designer I pay special attention to the design and aesthetics. These monitors represent world-class, eye-catching, timeless design which you won’t confuse with anything else. I wish it was me who designed them!“
Jan Nietrzebka  
(Well-known designer, CEO

„I was incredibly stunned when I saw the speakers for the first time. Very well made, weighty and built with high quality materials. I also had an opportunity to witness part of the process of making one of them, that's how I know that they are created with passion. As a person who consideres himself as an artist, I can without a doubt call them a piece of modern art."
Antoni Lylyk
(Youngest project collaborator. Poland)

„After many years I visited my old friend Marian #mlodnicki at his company D79 in the center of Warsaw. As I've been interested in building audio components and everything related to great sound since I was young, my eyes were immediately drawn to those beautiful, solid enclosures.“
Wojciech Frackiewicz
(Music enthusiast. Warsaw, Poland)

„The linearpro™ speakers and logo designs are good, very modern and clean, that's a designer by heart for sure. The "fully analog" signal chain makes the product futureproof. No additional ADC and DAC conversion is key in a pure mastering chain. This is impressive, I can't wait to finally listen to them.“
Jan Gerhard  
(Project collaborator. Germany)

„Marian, Your speakers make me so emotional that I even get a little nervous. So cool, but unfortunately not mine. The combination of black and white has always dominated over other colors. Amazing, Marian, keep it up. I would love to visit you and play guitar on your speakers, or just listen to music on good quality equipment.“
Leonid Chernienko
(Musican. Follower from Halych, Ukraine)

„Amazing and unique design with a reference to timeless classics. Simple but beautiful.“
Dr. Halszka Kaminska
(Cardiologist, user of S model. Poland)

If you like perfect sound and unique ascetic design,
You've come to the right brand.
I hope you enjoyed my design and my artwork.
Best regards, main creator

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* Look at this speaker on top of the glacier. Do you recognize it? Although the graphic consists of very few pixels you can see that it's a linearpro™ model M, white. Would you recognize any other company's speakers when reduced to such a small size? ;)